Founded in 1900 when Great-Grandpa Phillip Reisenauer arrived from Odessa, Russia with his wife Rose, 7 children, and their German heritage – What they found in North Dakota was freedom and most importantly…a home!

The main homestead, in St. Anthony, has grown over the years from the original 160 acres to a family farm that is sustainable for cattle ranching and dry land farming. Over the years, the farm has been home to many uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, sisters, brothers, cows, pigs, chickens, and pets of all kinds; and to this day, everyone’s favorite second home is still affectionately known to all as simply “the Farm."

The “Farm’s” current residents are the 3rd and 4th generation. We’re all deeply tied to the farm, as it is not simply just land.  Our mission now is to share some of the vision our mother has always had. We believe by developing a local, natural, superior tasting, healthy beef product, we are not only helping our families to be even happier and healthier, but we are also providing that opportunity to our customers as well.

About Products & Animals

Our beef is a blend of Wagyu and black baldies for a quality Dakota blend of American-Style Kobe beef. Black baldies are a cross between Hereford and Angus. They do a lot with less; they are naturally efficient converters of grass and grain. A little feed can go a long way on the range and in the feedlot. In addition to conversion, Herefords are hearty, fertile, have great longevity and an even better disposition!

The Hereford/Angus cross is well known in the beef industry and often considered among the best, most efficient and coveted products on the market. Our black baldie cows produce calves with real hybrid kick and are often seen to hit the ground running.

When we decided to enter the gourmet beef business, great care was taken in selecting our first Wagyu bull. We studied the genetics to be certain we were picking a bull that excelled in marbling, tenderness, and other desirable physical traits.

What we have today is a natural, healthy, and superior tasting product that has been astounding our families, friends, and very first customers from the first taste!

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